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Council Candidate Says Her Facebook Account Was Hacked

In a Lexington City Council candidate forum where the main source of contention was over whether to elect or
appoint school board members, Republican candidate Collette Barry-Rec raised the alarm of what she sees as
misinformation and bad actors attempting to undermine the election. In a virtual candidate forum hosted by 50 Ways Rockbridge last week, Barry-Rec cited unknown forces attempting to divide people. “There is a lot of misinformation going around, and it’s very sad, because what it does is it pits one group against another,” Barry-Rec said. “I don’t want to be part of this. I want to step back and be a unifying force.”

Council Hopefuls Debate at Forum

The Lexington City Council candidates appeared to have more to agree upon than to disagree with. At a virtual City Council candidate forum hosted by 50 Ways Rockbridge last Wednesday, two Rockbridge County high school students moderated the forum with questions the four candidates – Nicholas Betts, Collette Barry-Rec, David Sigler, and Chuck Smith - had received ahead of time. They are running for three seats this fall.

Snow Removal Law Gets More Flexible

Lexington City Council earlier this month approved an amended snow removal ordinance that makes assessing fees for not clearing sidewalks more flexible. The amended ordinance allows for $200 fines to be issued “as may be necessary,” City Manager Jim Halasz said at
the April 7 Council meeting. It also keeps in place the policy of making residents pay for snow removal if the $200 fine is not enough to motivate them to clear their part of the sidewalk. Previously the sidewalk snow removal ordinance required people to pay a $200 fine if they did not clear their
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